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The young 22 yr old, Gabby Petite, white  woman had been missing for a few days when her case garnered national coverage with the help of social media, a Tik Tok video that told the story of a couple that picked up Petito boyfriend Laundrie created the wave for #FindGAbbyPetito.

Since then the conversation has been brought up, why do White girls get more attention when they go missing oppose to any other race? Statistics prove this to be a true statement and questions seeming that in Wyoming 710 Native Americans girls have been missing since 2011-2020 and they have never been heard of.

Moving further on the case of Gabby Petito has almost been concluded and ruled as a possible homicide, a mother of a 24 yr old black male, Jelani Day wants her son home. He has been missing since late august, form Bloomington, with he car being found 60 miles outside the city he was last seen in.

Now light is being shed on his case and police are asking the public for help, thats out power to share a post or hashtag, to tik tok video to help bring people home, their family deserves closure answers.


Lets being Jelani Day home

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