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A new store has opened up at a middle school in Whitehall to help those in need. Rosemore Middle School has allowed a local non-profit organization called “Student Success Stores” to launch a store at their school. Which allows for essentials such as clothes, food, household items, and more to be shopped for by families in need. The great thing about it is those who need toshop are also able to do so in private.

The core concept at the heart of this initiative is that, founders believe that providing students with essentials they lack will help lessen some of their burdens. Which will give them the opportunity to focus on their academics and grant them a chance to devote more of their time to school. The organizers of this initiative are committed to creating a long-lasting influence on the lives of students and families. With their mission being to “ensure that each child starts the school day healthy, confident and ready to learn”.

By: Zara Love