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After witnessing a rise in firearm incidents in the neighborhoods of Columbus, an anti-violence group is calling for more in depth programming. “End The Violence” is an organization that focuses on safety intervention, community health, creating jobs, education, and expanding the youth’s mindset. The group was founded by Sean Stevenson to help reduce violent crime rates in the lives of youth in the city of Columbus. Stevenson is trying to incorporate more programming to stimulate the community and keep guns in safe hands. Grant funds totaling $500,000 have been awarded to “End the Violence” for their efforts to steer youth away from gun involvement this


In the year 2023 thus far, there have been a total of 110 homicides, with 12 of the victims

being aged 17 or younger. After spending $20 million this summer, on youth programs that help

initiate anti-violence. To help keep peace in the streets of Columbus, the State Of Ohio has

offered their assistance. With these different programs and assistance, it is the founders hope to

help continue decreasing violence amongst youth.