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BET recently banned a video from R&B artist Teairra Mari for her latest video “Sponsor”. I can remember a slew of songs that had similar content and were seen in regular rotation on BET. Is the television trying to change their ways or was this case that extreme they had to take it off. Check out The Freshxpress take on this topic.


Teairra Mari opens her “Sponsor” video with a stroll across the lawn of a million dollar home. Designer bag in hand, all white drop-top ready to go. She closes it with a coveted black card that has her name sprawled across the front.

During the course of the video, Mari sips champagne while a Dominican stylist “brings out the features in her hair.” She shops. She valet parks. She hits the dance floor in an ill-fitted onesie. And all the while she brags about the man sponsoring her lifestyle with his bankroll.

Does that seem confusing? BET thought so too,