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Tea Anyone?

While the new Tea Party Movement continues to grow and make plans to take over Government, many people are trying to decide if they should be concerned. Don’t be the one to find out after the fact. Stay on top of current issues so you know what to expect because we can expect the worse to happen if this gets any deeper. Here is a nice piece that will help get you hip.


Written by T. Will –

Is the new tea party movement radical or racist?

What exactly is this tea party business? We turn on the news, we open the newspaper and what do we see? So called tea party protests are generating a significant amount of media attention. But as often as we hear about the so called modern day tea parties, many of us remain ignorant of the facts. Where did this tea party business originate? Why is it necessary for a tea party movement today? Why is it imperative that we understand the difference between history and the present?

Now I will not use my precious time to give you an in depth history lesson because it is your responsibility to enlighten yourself, but I will give you a crash course because the mainstream media is enjoying your ignorance. Today’s so called tea party is nothing more than a group of swaggerjackers. The term “Tea party” refers to the Boston Tea Party of 1773. The Boston Tea Party’s main purpose was to protest and resist taxation without representation. Advocating violence and promoting ignorance were not functions of the Boston Tea Party. Those functions are only exclusive to today’s tea party movement.

So if tea parties are about resisting taxation without representation then what’s wrong with them? Tea party movements are necessary, right? They only seek to guard against a tyrannical greedy government, right? Well if that is indeed the truth then we should take no issue with today’s “tea party” movement, right? WROOOOONG! READ MORE