Honey Pot is a black owned business just trying to make it in these streets! Recently, the company and its owner have received heavy backlash once their Black History Month commercial aired. Owner, Bea Dixon and Honey Pot have been attacked and called “racist” by white people after being featured in Targets’ Black History Month […]

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  A Columbus man, Charles Lovett, posted a video on his Facebook page showing an unnamed white man actually followed him to his home to call him the n-word and harass him about a disagreement on the road. Get Breaking News & Exclusive Contest in Your Inbox:   The racist man who was driving a Uriah’s Heating, […]

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SO ROSEANNE IS TRYING TO PULL OUT ALL THE STOPS AFTER GETTING HER SHOW CANCELLED, SHE IS BLAMING HER ACTIONS ON THE DRUG AMBIEN HERE IS WHAT SHE WROTE VIA TMZ Roseanne wrote, “It was 2 in the morning and i was ambien tweeting – it was memorial day.”She went on … “i honestly thought […]

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#bigbinkshow – Regardless if he is the number one player on the planet, there are still ignorant people that will show their face when you are not looking.  Nobody is safe from racism.   Look what happened to Lebron right before the finals….smh


The rapstress went on a social media rant Friday morning, accusing Italian shoe designer Giuseppe Zanotti of "racism and disrespect."

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  #bigbinkshow – CHARLESTON, S.C. — Dylann S. Roof, a who is a known young white supremacist who walked in a church and joined people for Bible study and then took out his weapon and killed a total of 9 people at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church 19 months ago, was sentenced to death today […]

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  #bigbinkshow According to inforum.com Dylan Roof, who was responsible for murdering 9 people inside a Charleston, South Carolina church as they conducted Bible study,  has been found Guilty of 33 Federal hate crimes. Next up will be the sentencing phase were Roof is planning to serve as his own lawyer. More details to come.  


Donald Trump‘s supporters are out here making it known who the voted for. Although it was reported that a lot of the people who voted for the President-elect were “silent voters,” they have no problem shouting it out now, like a badge of honor. That was the case at a Miami Starbucks on Wednesday, where a […]


It comes as no surprise that due to Donald Trump's presidency, racist people are coming out of the woodwork to spew their bigoted hate.


Throughout the 2016 election coverage and campaigning, we saw just how dangerous things could turn when Donald Trump supporters and Hillary Clinton supporters were all in the same place. While casting their ballot at a Michigan poll site, things got crazy between a few voters. A video making it’s rounds on the internet shows a […]


Students at FGCU are reeling after "Kill N******," coupled with an image of a man hanging from a tree, was left on a campus whiteboard.

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#bigbinkshow   Trump went one on one with Colleen Marshall from NBC4 this week and this is one of the best interviews that I’ve seen because Trump had to answer the Tough questions!  He danced around the answers of course but you have to see it for yourself!   Source: Slaven Vlasic / Getty