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Honey Pot is a black owned business just trying to make it in these streets! Recently, the company and its owner have received heavy backlash once their Black History Month commercial aired.

Owner, Bea Dixon and Honey Pot have been attacked and called “racist” by white people after being featured in Targets’ Black History Month commercial. But thanks to the powers that be, her sales have surged.

Check out her Target commercial below.

On Monday, Honey Pot, which is an herbal feminine care company, just about went viral, trending on Twitter. Now, the company has been established for some time now, so most thought it was just receiving some well-overdue attention. However, once you dug deeper and clicked #HoneyPot, you were bombarded with comments from white men and women calling the company “racist,” and it did not stop there. These people also went as far as leaving misleading and false reviews about the company on websites.

The comments were so misguided, some included ratings about hair products – which the company has never carried!! People accused Honey Pot of being exclusive to Black women. “Black girls are empowered using this product… I guess whites girls aren’t. I’ll be letting Target know about this racist company,” read one review.

Taking a look a what started all this controversy, it’s the commercial itself. Target kicked off a new ad campaign “Founders We Believe In” for Black History Month, which included Black business owners. In Dixon’s 30-second spot, she expresses gratitude to Target for selling her product line and ended it saying, “The reason why it’s so important for Honey Pot to do well is so the next black girl that comes up with a great idea – she can have a better opportunity. That means a lot to me.”

Dixon never mentioned her product being exclusive to Black girls.

Target on the other hand has been very understanding. In a statement with USA Today, Target said working with Dixon has been a pleasure. “We’re aware of some negative comments about the campaign, which aren’t in line with the overwhelmingly positive feedback we’ve received from guests who love and have been inspired by Bea’s story.”

A wise one once said, “When they go low, we go high!” And Honey Pot can thank the naysayers for pushing her support system to be even greater!

Check out her interview with the Breakfast Club below.

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