Now if you are like 99% of women across the world you, like me, are anticipating the BIG release of Sex and The City 2 movie starring our favorite NYC girls!

Now we love Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha & Miranda but even more we love the girls wardrobe!  Pictures and information have been leaking of the fashion for the upcoming movie and I’ve got the inside scope on some of the fashion and how much it really cost.

Now it is rumored that if you or myself were to buy the fashions outright it would cost a whooping $10 million dollars!  But don’t boycott the movie yet, most of the fashions were donated by the designers.  Who can blame them?!  It’s the ultimate exposure to have your designs in this movie!

Oh and just in case you were wondering Patricia Fields was back on board for the stylist of this movie.  Girlfriend knows what she is doing!

Enjoy the fashions & see you at the theater!

SATC2 Trailer: