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In today’s world, people communicate virtually more than they do in person. Whether it’s the phone, email, or texting, there are plenty of ways to convey your thoughts to people. Why not convey some heat? People are generally against racy text messages because of the fear of other people gaining access to them. However, once you put that fear aside, it becomes clear that “sexting” can add excitement to both yours and your partner’s life, making time when you’re not together as enjoyable as possible.

Received: I forgot to wear panties today! See you after work.

You can’t help but smile. Being able to impact your partner when you’re not together is one of the most important parts of a relationship. What better way to do that than give him a little excitement during his work day? An unexpected sex text is sure to bring some butterflies to both of your stomachs. We have evolved from messages in bottles to picture messaging, opening up our options. It’s possible to use sexting as a game: send a little seduction on your way home from work and make walking through that front door worth every minute. So what do you say? Broaden your horizons and make his work day a little more PG-13.

Sexting has proven to make long distance relationships a bit more bearable. If it isn’t enough that you’re constantly thinking about that person who’s 1,170 miles away, you are probably also very sexually frustrated. SO IS HE. Help each other out and make that distance seem like a walk.

But be careful- you still need protection. You don’t want to put yourself in a position that you will regret later. If either of you work in an office where email could possibly be monitored, stick to your cell phone. If it’s an office phone, get a personal one: It’ll be worth it! Keep sexting specific to that special person that you trust. Avoid photos that make it easy to identify yourself. It is definitely possible to keep even text sex classy!

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