Power 107.5

This Thursday Night Snoop Dogg Made his way to Columbus Ohio to perform at his sold out show on OSU’s Campus. Doors opened at 8pm and thousands of graduating OSU students along with loyal Snoop fans rushed into the building.

Around 10pm people started to wonder what was going on. Two hours of staring at a DJ was losing it’s luster. By now the building was almost at capacity and no Snoop to be found. Word started spreading that Snoop was not even worried about getting to the venue. He was concerned about only one thing, The Lakers. He was supposedly relaxing and doing what he does best…..watching the Lakers game. The word is management called the DJ and told him to play until Snoop got there which would be after the game.

Some fans were furious and started booing, not at the DJ, not at the Host (who was power 107.5’s own City) but just because they were tired of waiting. The word of him watching the game had spread so much that people began to check the scores on their phones just to see how much time in the game was left.

Daz and Kurupt of Snoop’s group, the Dogg Pound made a brief appearance on stage to perform 3 songs around 11pm. They immediately left the stage after their performance and then it was back to waiting, but this time no DJ to keep people pumped up. The wait had gotten so long that boos of drunken college students began to sound like a steady chant. And before you know it, while many people checked the score for the last time, here comes Snoop like clockwork.

But once Snoop hit the stage, all anger turned into straight California Love. Check out a video clip and some of the pics from the event. The full video and more pictures coming soon.

Check out the interview on Power 107.5 with a lucky Snoop fan about her wait for Snoop while he watched the game.