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DJ Bern

In an era where club DJs substitute talent for hype and promoters sell events to consumers with drink specials rather than good music, one up-and-coming DJ uses the essence of the artform to elevate the standard in today’s nightlife. Born and raised on the south side of Columbus Ohio, DJ Bern was groomed on music from 70s soul, 80s rock, and 90s hip-hop, and uses the passion of turntable crowd control to raise the bar when it comes to nightlife vibe for all ages and genres.

As a student at Bowling Green State University, with no job, car, and declining academic performance, DJ Bern decided to use the music he loved to deflect the negatives in life. Working two full-time jobs to purchase his turntables, he vowed to spend the rest of his life providing people like himself an escape from the harsh realities of the world, using music as an outlet from the stress and struggle of life. After practicing his craft several hours a day, DJ Bern received his first break at “Plan B,” an after hours venue in Bowling Green, Ohio.

After a year of DJing 6 hours a night, 3 days a week, DJ Bern moved back to Columbus in 2009 to put his talent on display for his home town, and to link up with Columbus’ hip-hop artist Trek Manifest to change the music scene from more than one angle. In a years time, DJ Bern impressed crowds in every public venue, from BoMA to Icon, and Club Fire to Karma. With Trek Manifest and Undfyned Entertainment, DJ Bern has reached crowds in venues all around the Midwest, in every major city in Ohio as well as venues in Indiana, Michigan, and Kentucky.

In a 3 year span, DJ Bern has released numerous mixtapes, all geared towards providing quality music mixed and mastered with the highest skill and technique. His latest mixtape, “State of the Union,” assembles the most talented artists and producers from Ohio on one project. When asked about the motivation behind this compliation, DJ Bern says “There are a lot of talented people, like myself, that are pushed aside due to lack of promotion. This mixtape brings all of these people to the front of the stage.”

You can catch DJ Bern’s mixtapes and future events in The Flypaper Magazine weekly. As time passes, DJ Bern continues to push the envelope when it comes to DJing and nightlife.

To download his latest mixtape ‘State Of The Union’ CLICK HERE