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Misty’s Matters of the Heart:

Q: I’m dating a man and we seem to have a good relationship. Only problem is, I want him to call more often. How can I get him to pick up the phone? Should I just let it go?

A: I can’t answer your last question “should I just get use to it?” because only you know what your deal breakers are. If it’s something on your heart and the weight is too heavy to ignore them, by all means, bring it to his attention. BUT IN A NON CON-FONFORTATINAL MANNER!!

First, lets remember you’re dating a MAN! I personally don’t know very many men who just sit on the phone and chop it up with anybody!!  Maybe bringing it up WHY you want him to call may have a bigger impact than just saying “you need to call me more.” or “you don’t call me enough.” That message may come across as an order., nagging, or complaining. As women, we all know how men respond to a ‘naggy’ woman.  

Suggestions: 1)I love hearing your voice throughout the day. 2)I get so excited when I get a call mid day and it’s you. 3)When something great happens in my day, I want you to be the first to know….you get the  point right?      

Again, I don’t think this is a deal breaker. I do think that every woman at some point in their lives, has dealt with this.         

If you have a “Matter of the Heart” shoot me an email, and I’ll address a new question anonymously every Monday morning! Besos~ 

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