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Written by KayJay –

This morning Columbus Police announced the city’s 68th homicide victim of the year; yet another teen lost in the senseless violence and killings that have taken place this year. Murder rates in Columbus are 40% higher already this year than we were at this time last year, with the majority of these victims being under the age of 20. And if you’re anywhere either in or near Central Ohio, you are no stranger to this either. I am scared to turn on the news as of lately. There are even times when I catch myself asking who it was this time, or praying that I don’t turn on the TV and find the face of one of my loved ones next. This is disgusting to me, and I feel compelled to help in some sort of way; I just am not sure where to start. Well, 10TV reports that Traveler’s Rest Baptist Church is here to help!

How are they trying to help? By calling for a ceasefire city wide. A group of pastors got together to figure out a solution as well, and after Chicago having a similar event end successfully they’ve decided to bring it to Columbus. These church leaders will get together to give job training and other life skills, as well as calling for their guns to be turned in. Along with this, they will be asking police to forgive a person’s misdemeanor record when turning in their guns. Lastly, the ceasefire campaign will also urge individuals and members of the community to work with police by helping to solve and prevent crimes. READ MORE

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