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Khia found herself on the wrong side of the law yet again yesterday.

The Thug Misses was arrested in Gwinnett County, GA for endangering security interest. We have no idea what that means, so any legal eagles reading, please feel free to leave a comment below explaining what it is!

Shout out to BlackBizMan2008 for letting us know what constitutes “endangering security interest.”

Endangering Security Interest Statute: O.C.G.A Code 16-9-51 is a Georgia statute that was enacted to protect lien holders and their security interests. Specifically, this law may be used by you to get the court system involved to help you retrieve your financed vehicle when the customer has defaulted and refuses to allow you or your repo company to take back the vehicle. In some counties, if they allow it, will let you swear out an arrest warrant for your customer.

Khia was booked at Gwinnett County Detention Center Thursday night at 9:14PM and released a few hours later after posting a $1300 bond.


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