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Source: Madame Noire (Partner)

Source: Madame Noire

Willow Smith’s new song has whipped the blogosphere into a frenzy.  I bet when you first heard “Whip My Hair” you said something to the effect of  “This song is so cute! I like it!” Then reality sank in a bit and you got to thinking about how little Willow is only nine years old and she regularly turns out red carpets, has poise beyond her years and is now stepping boldly into a promising new career.  Yes she has the advantage of having parents with multi-million dollar bank accounts, but still–she’s nine years old pursuing a money-making passion. You’re…well, not nine years old and you’re pushing paper in a cubicle to fend off student loan debt worth tens of thousands of dollars. Hmph.

Mesdames, you too can indulge your creative side AND put some money in your pocket.  Just listen closely to the Willow Smith’s lyrics and you’ll have your blueprint right in front of you.


Side Hustle Translation: “This thing right here? I KNOW I do it well.”

When you “whip your hair,” you’re telling the world that you’re confident and you have your ish together. What do you do you that gives you that sensation? If crunching numbers at your office job or wiping poopy behinds doesn’t give you that “Look what I can do” feeling then it’s time to find out what does. Maybe your cornbread is the star of every family meal or perhaps you are the go-to guru for all your girlfriends’ style and make-up issues.  We often take for granted our talents that don’t bring in income. Pay attention to when you are happiest and most confident.

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