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After narrowly escaping jail following his domestic assault allegations, Jonathan Majors may have to head back to court.

The former Marvel actor is now being sued by his ex-girlfriend, Grace Jabbari, who claimed he allegedly assaulted her and committed battery and defamation against her several times during their relationship, which lasted from 2021 to 2023.

In the lawsuit, attained by The Guardian, Jabbari describes how his violent treatment graduated from “verbal assaults and frightening anger” in 2021 to eventually physically attacking her in 2022.

His alleged attacks include pushing her into a shower door and wall, putting her in a headlock and covering her mouth so no one could hear her, and saying “he wanted to kill her, and that he was going to kill her” before eventually slamming her head against the marble floor.

Instead of reporting the abuse to the police, Jabbari informed a member of Majors’ team in hopes of aiding his behavior, but it only made things worse.

“Soon after, Grace disclosed the physical abuse to a member of Jonathan’s management team in an effort to get him help. Majors was furious when he learned that Grace had outed him as an abuser,” reads the lawsuit.

The court documents also reveal that beyond physical abuse, he aimed to destroy her standing in public after his arrest and amid his initial trial by calling her a liar and attempting to get people to believe he never abused her, painting her as “a crazy liar who should be treated as such.”

According to CNN, she’s seeking more than $75,000 in the suit, but Majors’ lawyer, Priya Chowdhury, was prepared for Jabbari to fire back.

She says the lawsuit was “no surprise. Mr. Majors is preparing counterclaims against Ms. Jabbari.”

See how social media’s reacting to the latest saga between Majors and his ex-girlfriend below.

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