The 614

Last night Gov. Mike DeWine closed all bars and restaurants at 9 pm, and the one thing I heard on social media loud and clear was the concern from waitresses and waiters on how they would make it thru the shutdown. Well big shout out to an anonymous customer who left one of the biggest […]

The 614

Although this rule is needed because parents and fans sometimes get a little too touchy-feely with refs some even go as far as full-blown assault and I do believe that this bill will help prevent this from happening as frequently as it does. Here’s where I have a problem these refs out here sometimes bait […]


You hate to say that somebody gonna die but when it comes to this much money and over 15,000 kilos of cocaine being lost by one of the major drug organizations , there’s not paying that back. If you know anything about drugs or you have watched any movie or TV series then you know […]

You can now own a piece of hip hop history….or a pen*s of hip hop history lol!! It seems that in the early 90’s Pac would just pull out his man  (Pen*s)  whenever and wherever , and one of his ex girlfriends took a pic ( and what’s crazy is that this could be the […]


Of course every year we get excited about watching the Superbowl commercials. This year there wasn’t much to be excited about. But there was one commercial that got everyone a little “excited”. Yes, we’re talking about the Fiat commercial that featured this beautiful model speaking what we think is Italian or something. Well even though […]