I know when you first read the heading you probably thought somebody doesn’t know how to spell valentine’s day, but your wrong because 10 years ago galentine’s day was created by a fictional character on T.V.  Leslie Knope of Parks and Recreation. What is galentine’s day you ask it’s a day where ladies kick it […]

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Let me tell you what’s crazy, the fact that people think that Trump just got on twitter when he became president nnnnnooooo not true this guy has been on twitter and saying wild stuff on social media for a long time. So when this old tweet resurfaced I don’t understand why anyone is surprised by […]

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This is some BS when it comes to our safety and health we should know about any and everything that affects us well just try telling that to the CPH (Columbus Public Health) because officials made findings that 13 local restaurants had employees with the liver infection Hepatitis A but only told the public about […]


Quest has hooked up with the people that make the impossible burger and is about to shut down the game if these cheesesteaks are good it’s over!!! Here’s what comes on the Cheessteak ……. mock-meat, it’ll also come with peppers, onions, a melted cheese blend and be served on a roll. And since the cheesesteak isn’t […]

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#bigbinkshow – The Bill Cosby case has came to an end and Bill will not be going to jail anytime soon because the judge has declared a mistrial.  The jury comprised of seven men and five women and after deliberating for 53 hours could not agree on a decision. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Bill […]

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Busted! Romney Caught In Secret Video: I Don't Care About 47% Of America!

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Jerry Jones has one of the most hated football teams in the NFL and is one of the most recognized coaches in the league as well. So you know some were salivating at the chops for him to mess up just so they can jump on the opportunity to make his life miserable. Well it […]

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