The 614

We’re about to lose a great one Columbus, Jerry Revish has been a staple in this community for decades , he’s the first person most think of when you say News in the 614. The veteran news anchor has been doing the news for 45 years in a statement Mr. Revish said “I’ve had the […]

DJ Dimepiece

Actress Lindsay Lohan is in the headlines again but this time for losing a body part! Lindsay Lohan almost lost her ring finger in a boating accident and then ended up having it reattached, accorind to TMZ..  She was rushed to E.R. where a plastic surgeon reattached it.   YIKES!

Big Bink's Blog

#bigbinkshow How could this happen? A reporter was actually doing a report and got sucker punched by another woman…smh .

News & Gossip

WARNING: This is the MOST PAINFUL interview we’ve ever watched — an L.A. news anchor just mistook Samuel L. Jackson for Laurence Fishburne … on live TV … and Sam Jackson completely lost it. Jackson was sitting for an interview about his new movie “RoboCop” this morning on KTLA — and for some reason, Entertainment anchor Sam Rubin decided to ask Sam […]

National, Videos

Will Ferrell, who has always been a special guest on Conan O’Brien’s talk show, made an appearance on the show recently not as himself but in character as Ron Burgundy. The Crowd went nuts as Ron played some jazz flute along with the band. Ron also gave Conan some style tips while on the show. […]