All businesses have been affected heavily by the spread of the coronavirus. This abrupt disruption in the economy, is creating a real system of decline for us all. Small business, especially, are facing difficult times and trying to avoid being forced to shut down operations. In a press conference held Tuesday, Ohio Lieutenant Governor […]


  As many businesses are doing what they can to adjust to the current normal we’re experiencing due to COVID-19, most want to ensure the safety of customers more and more. It is certainly going to take the effort of us all to prevent the spread of this deadly virus. Walmart has kept their doors […]


Being able to afford college tuition is a struggle for many Americans, every single day. It is a constant topic among politicians because at this point, it seems the goal is to squeeze every dime out of families and students nationwide. Well, there may be some light at the end of the tunnel and hopefully, […]


Last night, Lebron James tapped in to his inner superhero and made NBA history ((once AGAIN)) during the Los Angeles Lakers and Oklahoma City Thunder game. Lebron has now become the first-ever NBA player to have a triple-double against every one of the 30 teams in the NBA! In an interview James said, “I really […]