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#bigbinkshow – Well,  Offset from the Migos and Cardi B are kissing each other in the mouth on a regular basis.  Well Cardi B’s “CHICKEN” must be really tasty because this dude buying her all kind of ice.  Look at this piece?  Is this too over the top for another human being?

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This video recently surfaced with T pain singing without autotune!!!! Take a listen you will be floored! Source: Prince Williams / Getty

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Autotune Back: Mr.Rogers (Garden Of Your Mind)

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(metrosource) Hip-hop star T-Pain is looking to explore a different musical genre.  During a recent interview with “MySpace Music,” the “Buy You A Drink” singer said he is planning on releasing a Christian Pop album.  He explains, quote, “A lot of people don’t know this about me, but I’m a deeply spiritual person.  Dude, I […]

T-Pain tells Kendra G that “Reverse Cowgirl” was inspired by late nights at home with his wife.