Black History

Akilah Johnson is the first African-American artist to win the national competition, proving that Black art also matters.

There’s no denying how huge Black History Month was this year. In fact, the cosmos even treated us to the gift of a leap year, giving us one more day for celebration. While looking back on February, there were moments that shifted the conversation surrounding Black Pride among Hollywood, politics, and television. From Beyonce’s Black […]

Mississippi's governor signed a proclamation declaring April Confederate Heritage Month. The proclamation tries to justify the celebration, but is silent on slavery.

Former Black Panther Sekou Odinga and Black Lives Matter activist Larry Fellows may come from different Black liberation movements, but both understand that to truly celebrate Black History Month, we must dig deeper.

Cota is working on a lot of initiatives as Columbus continues to grow.  Big Bink goes one on one with CEO Curtis Stitt and talks with Curtis about what we can look forward to from COTA in the near future.  

Today in Black History: Congressman Louis Stokes was born in 1925. He was the first black congressman elected in the state of Ohio.

  This is John Mercer Langston and he was the first Black man to become a lawyer in Ohio.  He passed the bar in 1854.  In 1855 he became one of the first African Americans ever elected to public office in America.  He was also the great uncle of famous poet, Langston Hughes.  There is […]

While hosting a reception for Black History Month on Thursday, President Barack Obama greeted the crowd with First Lady Michelle Obama by his side, and of course, he brought the jokes.

In honor of Black History Month, watch the first installment of "Bridging The Gap," a series that honors the Black liberation movements of the past and present while building a bridge that will better help us understand how to propel what has become the largest Black liberation movement in recent years forward.

istory-making occasions are rarely recognized until they end up in the textbooks. As we face some of the most challenging and monumental events within Black culture today, there are plenty of moments that have made their mark on America.

School officials in Henrico County, Va., apologize to parents for showing students a racial discrimination video during Black History Month. The parents complained that it promoted white guilt.