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The OG has spoken!   Houston legend Bun B has had enough of the disrespect aiming towards Megan Thee Stallion and he is speaking out. After Meg confirmed last week that Tory Lanez did in fact shoot her causing major injuries to her feet. Many in hip hop, athletes and black men in general have […]

Nia Noelle

June 7th is World Chocolate Day and what better way to celebrate by counting down our sexiest chocolate men in Hollywood! Enjoy!  


In an ongoing study, Black Women's Blueprint found that 60 percent of Black women report having been raped before the age of 18. But part of the challenge has been calling Black men into community to reckon not only with racism, but also with racialized sexual violence and sexualized and gendered racism.

A young man’s dream of space exploration is that much closer to reality when he graduates college this spring. But that’s not even the most amazing part of his story. When he graduates this May, he’ll be just 19-years-old. That’s right, when most students are either just starting or completing their freshman year, 19-year-old Ronald […]

Tonight at 6 p.m. CST, RYMR will host a ceremony to recognize six honorees for their work locally and nationally to uplift Black men and boys.

21 Savage took to social media after he felt some backlash when he was spotted riding on the back of a motorcycle with Meek Mill. He had some choice words for all of the people who felt so rubbed the wrong way by something that was just an innocent method of transportation between two points. […]

Young Thug is not only know for his bars, but also his personal style, which many might say is out-of-the-ordinary for hip-hop. When he dropped his highly-anticipated new album, “Jeffery,” he received a lot of criticism for the album’s cover, which features him decked out in an Asian-inspired ruffled skirt. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! […]


Chance The Rapper is the latest and most high-profile of Chicago natives to speak out against Spike Lee’s “Chi-Raq” film. The film, which addresses the…


The crowd at the Million Man March/Justice or Else has been swelling since before sunrise. Now, many thousands. pic.twitter.com/D8Nlr0A6xW — Trymaine Lee (@trymainelee) October 10,…


  The white girl topic is like the elephant in the room right now. Everyone sees it, but no one wants to acknowledge it. Well…