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Now here’s the $$$ question if Drake’s new champagne cost $300 in the store how much will it be to pop a bottle in the club?? In a recent interview with Complex ….Drake said “The product is great, the presentation is great, and hopefully the representation is great as well,” Drake said in the accompanying […]

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#bigbinkshow – Did B really have this baby?  Are you kidding me?  This is days after giving birth!  She looks like she is about to perform on stage!  Congratz on the twins B!!!!

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#bigbinkshow – Janet Jackson will be heading on Tour!  Get this she is so serious about reclaiming her seat as R N B / POP queen that she has already lost 50 pounds of Baby Fat!!!  She is coming to Columbus also in a couple of Months so lets get ready for Janet.  If you […]

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#bigbinkshow – The pics are continuing to come out to show that there is no question that Beyonce is having her twins.  Here is the latest pic that has the internet going crazy!! Source: Kevin Winter / Getty

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#bigbinkshow    At 32 years old, Fantasia announced that she is officially a “Granny”   It’s being reported that the little bundle of Joy is from her husband’s daughter from a previous relationship.  Either way Fantasia is the granny.  Does that mean she will put away the microphone and put on a Big Robe and slouch […]

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Rapper YG started the chaotic water bottle melee that abruptly ended his concert … and he did it to cover up the fact that he couldn’t sing. YG lost his voice 2 songs into his performance … that’s what a rep for the promoters tell TMZ.  The promoters say the rapper first tried to get […]

MGK is proving that he is a wild boy! He’s been arrested at shows, he thrashes on stage, and never backs down from getting wild at his shows. He recently stopped into Columbus for the premiere of the movie ‘Project X’. During his show the ‘Wild Boy’ decides to stage dive from the second floor […]


Diddy wants to become the next Don Patron, actually he wants to be bigger than that.