You can’t make sh*t like this up while celebrating their national championship victory the LSU Tigers were kicking it, to say the least in the locker room. Ande every alum that has played for LSU was in attendance including Odell Beckham Jr. star wideout for the Cleveland Browns. There was a lot of drinking going […]

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#bigbinkshow – Be on the lookout because Nicki Minaj and the Migos are coming!!!

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#bigbinkshow – if you have cheek deficiencies, now is your chance to get your BOOTY POP!  On sale Now!!!!  Look at the tutorial below.

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#bigbinkshow – Sometimes you can dance so hard and your hair that you paid so much money to get fixed, gets messed up from the sweat, you can jack your nails up from gettin to turnt, maybe even tear up your clothes from dancing because they are too tight.  Who would of thought that you […]

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#bigbinkshow – Well at first Remy Ma shed light on a lot of Nicki Minaj’s flaws, then she came at Nicki again with a “average effort” diss record,  but Nicki didn’t respond (and still hasn’t by the way), but now her famous X Safaree,  is taking some time to get some feelings off his chest […]

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#bigbinkshow – Well I hope if I get to be 100 years old, I will be taken advantage of and be seduced beyond my will.  This happened in Sandusky and now the suspect could be facing Jail Time.  But shots out the the Old man who probably couldn’t respond to the task anyway….lol.  For this […]

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#bigbinkshow – To what level would you go to please your favorite celebrity?  I think this fan went wwaayyyyyy overboard when she came in contact with Lil Boosie.  What do you Think?

#bigbinkshow I’m definitely in the wrong profession!!!!   There are people getting paid to dry hump other people!!!!!!  Being that it is “Hump Day”  Wednesday, this is the perfect video for you if your bell isn’t being rung on a daily basis at the crib….Just imagine people are actually paying money to get humped.  I […]


https://www.instagram.com/p/BJV_zsaBnte/?taken-by=kimmysnapchats&hl=en Toronto surgeon Dr. Martin Jugenburg saw photos of Kim Kardashian‘s post-Saint West bikini body and cried, “We don’t believe you, you need more people.” After shedding the baby weight and then some, Kim hit up Snapchat to flaunt her curves in teeny bikinis and cut-out one pieces – and while we all enjoy the sight, […]

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The twitter beef of the year award went to Kanye West, Wiz Khalifa, and Amber Rose hands down. Now even though the year has just started this beef will be one of those beefs that will never disappear… well technically. According to TMZ Amber Rose‘s now famous ass-play tweet at Kanye could turn into a huge cash […]

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Time to keep it real. How far would you go for some more junk in your trunk? Check out this video of a woman who desires to be like Kim Kardashian by adding four pounds to her backside.