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You can’t make sh*t like this up while celebrating their national championship victory the LSU Tigers were kicking it, to say the least in the locker room. Ande every alum that has played for LSU was in attendance including Odell Beckham Jr. star wideout for the Cleveland Browns. There was a lot of drinking going on a lot of partying and a lot of smoking of celebratory cigars and in the middle of all of this unbridled fun one and I mean one cop/security guard was doing his job in stopping all of the fun telling the players to not smoke in the locker room although everybody and their momma was smoking in the locker room. While he was telling the players to put out their stogies OBJ thought it would be a good idea to smack the cop/security guard on the butt playing around trying to get the cop in a good mood. And when it happened it was all caught on video and you see the cop tell OBJ hey don’t do that and if it had been a more serious issue you would think the cop would’ve handled it then and there but no. This guy waits until 3 days later to press charges against OBJ for slapping him on the butt and now a arrest warrant has been issued for OBJ SMH. Full Story Click Here