Cardi B just can’t get a break from people bringing her name up! Whether its good or bad, my good sis stays making headlines! This time, we’re trying to figure out if Cardi is being called out or nah!? On twitter this past Monday, Cardi had a small exchange of words with WWE wrestler Lacey […]

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  Amid a global viral pandemic, we are now dealing with worldwide unrest about the deadly impacts of police brutality against minorities. Across the country tensions are extremely high as Americans put their First Amendment rights to work, protesting the unjust systemic racism that has manifested for a countless amount of years. Over the last […]


When you say Delonte West’s name outside of NBA circles it doesn’t ring any bells to most people he wasn’t a superstar and he didn’t win any rings and for the most part, he was just a good role player. But if you mention Delonte West the dude who supposedly slept with Lebron James’s mom […]

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You can’t make sh*t like this up while celebrating their national championship victory the LSU Tigers were kicking it, to say the least in the locker room. Ande every alum that has played for LSU was in attendance including Odell Beckham Jr. star wideout for the Cleveland Browns. There was a lot of drinking going […]

Power fans don’t play about their show! This last week was a little tough for many having to survive without the weekly dose, as the show skipped last Sunday. And they left watchers with their jaws dropped after the end of the last episode. But all is not lost, when the show returns this weekend […]

Who remembers MTV’s ‘Daria’? Personally, I hated to love the animated show that ran on MTV from 1997 to 2002. Now it’s looking to get a slight reboot and beloved actress, Tracee Ellis Ross, is to star in and executive produce ‘Jodie,’ the animated spinoff series of the MTV original show and satirical fan favorite. […]

Former NBA all star, Paul Pierce, is officially launching his own CBD company that will cater to the needs of athletes. The U.S. is quickly becoming a more weed-friendly nation, but there are still many stipulations and biases surrounding the Earth-grown plant. Pierce, former Celtics star and now ESPN basketball analyst, is making strides to […]


This was just great and the reason this story is great because of who it came from, Kyle Korver played with the Hawks, the Cavs, the Sixers and now plays for Utah in this interview he talks about different situations where people of color have been treated in the NBA and he even took it […]

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In the movie 25th hour actor Ed Norton takes you thru his last day of freedom before he turns himself in to serve his prison sentence and on this last day he finds out all the things that led up to him getting arrested and who should’ve trusted….. and so on #WatchTheMovie lol well this ain’t […]

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It seems that everyone that had a damaging video of now Ex star running back Kareem Hunt and it seems they all decided to release them around the same time. The 1st video came last Friday , it showed Hunt pushing and kicking a female and led to him being cut by the Chiefs and […]


It happened last year in the 1st game, it was one of the most hyped up games of the year in the NBA it was Kyrie Irving’s first game as a Boston Celtic against the Cavs, the team that had traded him because he didn’t want to play with Lebron anymore. So if you love […]

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Star defensive end Nick Bosa is now turning his focus to the NFL draft as he recovers from an injury, with sources confirming he will not be returning to the field with the Buckeyes. The junior had surgery in September to repair a core muscle injury he suffered in the game against TCU, and was out […]