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A vicious “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” brawl has triggered a lawsuit … which now alleges one of the stars was smoking crack cocaine at the reunion show. Althea Eaton has filed suit against Joseline Hernandez, who is caught on tape punching Althea in the face and dragging her to the ground … then hitting […]

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So you remember the Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, the one who was all over the news for crazy crack head and alcoholic behavior a while back. Well according to “The Toronto Star” the Mayor ran into Canadian native Justin Beiber at an exclusive night club on March 15. The two had a brief conversation… ok, […]


Lamar Odom is holed up in a private home in a gated community 100 miles from L.A. and his life is now revolving around smoking crack…

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*TMZ is reporting that Lamar Odom was deep into drugs while he was playing for the Dallas Mavericks and there is evidence he was doing the exact same…

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The police always report from heinous crime scenes saying things like, “In my 35 years on the force, I’ve never seen anything like this.” Well,…

This is the most shocking video to ever come out of a prison. You think that inmates don’t have access to illegal substances? Well check out this video of these inmates shooting heroin, snorting coke, smoking crack, pulling out guns, drinking beer, shooting dice, ALL ON CAMERA! Like Power 107.5 on Facebook to stay updated […]

In 1988, Public Enemy’s “Night Of The Living Baseheads” was one of the most vocal indictments of crack cocaine use ever heard on record. The haunting video was the real life version of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” with zombie-like “baseheads” dragging themselves about. Pop Culture Moment #1: Chappelle’s Show Premieres What many fans at the time […]

After the success of the trailer for the upcoming “Monkey Gang” mockumentary trailer, the fictitious group has released a video for their song “Sell More Crack Than You.” For more information on the Monkey Gang, go to or The movie is scheduled to come out this summer. Check Out These Joints Too “Monkey […]

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Scientists say alcohol is a more dangerous drug than both crack cocaine and heroin.  British researchers came to this conclusion after rating the damage to users themselves and society as a whole.  Their so-called drug harm scale shows alcohol’s rating is three times higher than cocaine or tobacco. metrosource