Some celebrities just can not seem to keep themselves out of trouble. Boxer, Adrien Broner, proves this to be true time and time again. This time the Ohio native has been arrested in Las Vegas! This weekend is a big one, with the second heavyweight title fight between Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury taking over the strip! […]

21 Savage is no stranger to acts of humanitarianism. He has consistently been known to give back to his community in a major way. This time 21 is extending his efforts to give back by donating to the Southern Poverty Law Center. SPLC is the same non-profit civil rights organization that helped him with his […]

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  IF YOU RIDIN DIRTY YOU NEED TO TAKE 3 MINUTES AND CHECK THIS OUT!   We are seeing repeated episodes of traffic stops gone wrong all over the internet, news and in major Urban cities across the Country.  Today on the #bigbinkshow I got some great information from a Columbus officer (Big Shots out […]

We wish we could say we are shocked that yet another story is coming out about stereotypical assumptions made by cops. However, at this point…

According to a report,Ne-Yo was detained in Oslo last night after a member of his entourage punched a bus boy.