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Lashawn Samuel has truly become a success story, despite the tough circumstances he was raised in. He’s a resident of the Franklinton area and says faith in God and his support system ensured his ability to focus on his education. It’s safe to say that Samuel didn’t grow up in the most secure neighborhood. He […]

#bigbinkshow – We are months away from one of the biggest bio pics in Hip hop History.  The Tupac movie will be released worldwide on his birthday this year (June 16th).  Check out the trailer.

Dr. Myles Munroe once preached that “the value of life is not in its duration, but in its donation.” You are not important because of…

First there was Tebowmania. Then there was Linsanity. Tim Tebow and Jeremy Lin became sports sensations because they win and because their strong Christian beliefs endears them to fans. But is it more to it than just mere faith? Is the man upstairs using these two athletes to show that he will grace those who […]

We often travel roads of redemption which lead us to help others. Ted Williams sat down with Meredith Veira  on the Today show and talked about his rediscovery of faith and sobriety.

A prayer for financial security is something each of us  need to say from time to time. As we head to the end of another quarter with the raising of oil prices doubts of job security creep in.  We must trust that we are not the worth of our financial gain. Sometimes we are called […]

Faith credits Bad Boy Records for putting her on the map.