#bigbinkshow – Bill Cosby dodged a bullet in the first trial for rape but now another one is coming up in November.  His  counsel jumped ship and left Bill hanging…

#bigbinkshow – it’s always good to give back to the people who helped you get to the top.  Kevin Hart just made somebody’s day.  Check it out below

#bigbinkshow – According to reports – The Jury in the Cosby case have been deliberating for over 30 hours and still can come up with a verdict….Could this end up a HUNG jury, Mistrial? Appeal?  Will the Judge make a final decision?  Stay tuned!!!!! As soon as we know we will let you know.   […]

#bigbinkshow – Did you know Mike Epps is from the Midwest area also?  Here is a TBT pic.  Can you guess the year?  Does the Hairstyle give it away?

#bigbinkshow – the Cosby trial starts today and Keisha Knight Pulliam,  better known as “Rudy” from the Cosby show, came out to show support for her TV dad.

#bigbinkshow – Meet Your New Host of the BET Awards “17”.  Is Leslie Jones a good Choice?  According to a recent survey, These are the Celebrities who came at the top of the list to Host This year.  Who would you Pick!!!

The new CHiPs movie might be a sleeper hit of the year, as it’s by far the funniest movie I’ve seen all year. There is one scene where the guys discuss eating booty, so when I got them on my show Extra Butter, I had to set some rules to eating butt. Kristen Bell, the real-life wife […]

While Guy Torry was hanging out in the studio with the morning show cast, and Rickey Smiley asked him to tell a funny story from his experiences touring the country. He recalls a time when he was performing in Kansas City, where he went to a restaurant on his break. What the little old white […]

#bigbinkshow I have been watching this all day!!!!!!!!  Fuunnnyyyyyy!!!!

#bigbinkshow Wanda Sykes got to her routine about Trump and the crowd didn’t like it at all!  They started BOOING her and she tried to explain herself but the crowd wasn’t trying to hear it!  Then she started cussing them out and it went all the way left from there!!!!!!!. Check out the video here. […]