The number of Americans that have filed for unemployment during this global pandemic has surpassed 20 million!! With so many people out of work and stuck at home, essential workers have been out dealing with whatever may come their way on a regular basis. Ohio Democrats believe that essential workers have earned the right to […]


With all things adults enjoy indulging in being off-limits these days, combined with all kids being home 24/7; it’s no surprise that alcohol sales have drastically risen. Since we are all being quarantined, stockpiling on liquor has definitely become a thing. According to reports, alcohol sales have increased to 55% in the United States alone. […]

Facebook is always making money moves. This time the social media giant is preparing to launch its own form of currency. Yesterday, the social network released its plan to create a new digital currency, which would be similar to Bitcoin and be available globally. The currency would also push more e-commerce on its services and […]

#bigbinkshow – Its a shame that Mos Def can’t set foot in the U.S.  Recently,  Erykah Badu met up with him in Paris.  Looks like he is doing well.