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With all things adults enjoy indulging in being off-limits these days, combined with all kids being home 24/7; it’s no surprise that alcohol sales have drastically risen.

Since we are all being quarantined, stockpiling on liquor has definitely become a thing. According to reports, alcohol sales have increased to 55% in the United States alone. Wine sales have also increased, to no surprise, by 66%, while beer sales have also risen by 44%. Online sales have seen a huge difference, increasing by 254%.

This global pandemic has the entire county ordered to stay at home, with no guaranteed end date in sight. Some states are locked down til May 1st, while others have an imposed lockdown date of June 10th.

With the now struggling economy, over 5 million people have filed for unemployment and millions more have been furloughed or just on hold indefinitely. Bills are still due and food still needs to be put on the table, which makes it painfully clear why alcohol sales have increased so much.

Source: The Shade Room