In an effort to eliminate underage drinking, Door Dash is implementing new procedures when delivering alcohol. Door Dash drivers will now be scanning customer ID’s to verify identity before they proceed with alcohol deliveries. Not only that, the customer has to come to the door with the ID, and the driver must verify the person […]


  Governor Mike DeWine announced during his daily press conference that restaurants will now be able to sell alcohol for take out or delivery in the state of Ohio. According to DeWine, the Ohio Liquor Control Commission passed an emergency rule to allow establishments with an existing liquor permit to sell and deliver alcohol, including […]


With all things adults enjoy indulging in being off-limits these days, combined with all kids being home 24/7; it’s no surprise that alcohol sales have drastically risen. Since we are all being quarantined, stockpiling on liquor has definitely become a thing. According to reports, alcohol sales have increased to 55% in the United States alone. […]


  The Ohio State University has imposed suspensions on three different fraternities after being accused of alcohol and hazing violations. The climate of fraternities and sororities has been under heavy scrutiny in efforts ensure the safety of everyone involved. After the death of an alleged pledge at Ohio University, it is safe to say that OSU […]

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Now I’m not really a drinker but if I do drink it’s maybe one and if I’m not driving then 2 drinks , that’s right i’m right at the minimum lol I’ve never really liked the taste of alcohol so mixed drinks or beer weren’t my cup of anything. But now trendy locations in the […]

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So this has to be the best I’ve heard all year long. These banging burgers and alcohol! In the Short North, the two could be joined under one roof. White Castle has applied for liquor licenses for the soon-to-be rebuilt location on North High Street. The new store will be the centerpiece of large redevelopment […]

Seems like Columbus Short is struggling again. After a series of rough pitfalls over the past few months, he’s back in jail again after violating his probation. He reacted a little too quickly to something he didn’t like at a party, and now, not only does he have another short jail sentence to complete, but he’s […]


A pub owner in Florida was arrested last week after making racist comments and pointing a gun at a young Black couple, the Orlando Sentinel reports.…

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According to a new World Health Organization (WHO) report, dangerous alcohol consumption was responsible for 3.3 million deaths worldwide in 2012. “This actually translates into…