George Floyd, an African American man, had his life taken at the hands of Minneapolis police officers Monday evening. A viral video of the incident has been shared all across social media, sparking immediate anger and frustration. As of now, 4 Minneapolis police officers have been fired over their involvement in the death of […]


You know how the saying goes, “Ain’t nothing to it but to do it!” And Nike has is doing just that! The mega company is donating thousands of shoes to front line healthcare workers who have been working around the clock to help end our current viral pandemic. According to Nike, they will be donating […]


With all things adults enjoy indulging in being off-limits these days, combined with all kids being home 24/7; it’s no surprise that alcohol sales have drastically risen. Since we are all being quarantined, stockpiling on liquor has definitely become a thing. According to reports, alcohol sales have increased to 55% in the United States alone. […]

Looks like the self-proclaimed “Manifest Queen,” B.Simone, is most certainly getting things she asked for! When it comes to Mr.Kirk, better known as, DaBaby, let’s just say B.Simone been crushing on the boy. She even dressed up ass his “wife” for Halloween. She had us all going with a viral post that had the two […]


During the COVID-19 viral pandemic, many businesses that have found themselves lucky enough to be “essential” have adjusted certain practices and introduced others to prevent the spread of the deadly virus. Popular pharmacy, Walgreens, is introducing drive-thru shopping! This way customers who need items won’t have to leave their car. This practice will fall in […]

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This could only happen in a house in the suburbs because in the hood dogs ain’t allowed to be in the house that long lol. But I can say that this is why they say a dog is a man’s best friend because there is no way that one of his friends would’ve sat in […]

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These cute clubs are going viral bringing us all the cuteness. The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium finally released photos of their newest addition. Three African lion cubs were the first litter for 4-year-old Naomi born last week.   People have instantly fell in love with the cubs on social media.   The cubs actually surprised […]

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Who knew Saweetie was a skater? We see you girl! Saweetie just makes anything look cute and that includes skateboarding. The female rapper showed off her skills and was looking good doing it.   Friends, fans and boyfriend Quavo were very impressed with her skills. The Migo commented on the post “SKKRRR SKKRRRRTT.” Can we […]


People will do any and everything to go viral, let’s all pray and hope that this doesn’t become a challenge because if it does no one will ever shop at any grocery store again. This might be one of the nastiest things i’ve ever seen and i watched 2 girls and a cup lol, what […]

  Another one bit the dust on a Spirit Airlines flight March 27th, 2019. Videos surfaced of a completely unruly passenger having a meltdown before take off. The drama commenced after the flight crew instructed an unidentified woman to shut off her phone before the planes scheduled takeoff. The woman reportedly became irate over the […]


A mother-daughter duo has gone viral after piloting a Delta flight together! Captain Wendy Rexon and her daughter, First Officer Kelly Rexon, were captured in a picture together preparing to fly a Delta Boeing 757. The pair made up the flight crew and traveled from Los Angeles, California to Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. John R. Watret, […]

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17-year-old high school junior Isaac Bryant has always wanted to be a professional singer and had plans to one day follow his dreams. Well sometimes the universe has other plans after a video of him singing the National Anthem went viral. While preparing for his upcoming wrestling match Isaac found out like everyone else in […]