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Another one bit the dust on a Spirit Airlines flight March 27th, 2019. Videos surfaced of a completely unruly passenger having a meltdown before take off.

The drama commenced after the flight crew instructed an unidentified woman to shut off her phone before the planes scheduled takeoff. The woman reportedly became irate over the request and eventually took out her frustrations on her fellow passengers.

The now-viral video shows the woman verbally attacking the packed cabin, before she flashes her ass and starts to twerk in the middle of the aisle.

“Record all you f**king want!” she screamed.

“So proud to be trashy,” another passenger shouted. “I love it!” A comment which proved to not sit well with the woman. She responded with,

“Yeah, well come fight me then, b***h!”

The rowdy passenger, who appeared to be slightly intoxicated, followed up with some choice words for her critics before she was escorted off the flight. The Spirit flight was headed from Orlando to Newark, New Jersey.

As the woman left the plane, other passengers began to clap and cheer. Many of them also captured the incident on their phones—the very device the woman was asked to shut off prior to the meltdown.

Spirit Airlines has not commented on the incident.

Source: Complex, New York Post