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1501 Certified Ent CEO, Carl Crawford, can not stay out of the spotlight these days. As recently reported, 2 people drowned during a small gathering held at Crawford’s Houston home. Now, parents of one of the victims are suing him for the wrongful death of their child. A young woman and 5 year old boy […]

Former MLB star, Carl Crawford has found himself immersed in a nightmare. Last weekend, his place of solitude sadly became the scene of a fatal double drowning. The victims were Bethany Lartigue and 5-year-old Kasen Hersi. Crawford, 38, was reportedly having a small gathering at his Houston home which included around 6 people. The guests […]


Over the weekend, the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office had their hands full after an inmate escaped! The chaos ensued Saturday, when a woman, identified as 33-year-old Brittany D. Thompson, managed to escape confinement at the Jackson County facilities. According to reports, she was taken into custody Saturday at the Jackson County Correctional Facility on drug […]


On her Birthday weekend, Lori Harvey claims Future as her man, now everyone knows that Future has a gang of baby mommas and a gang of kids. Lori has no and is just really starting to get her career going and although she won’t have to play mommy because none of the kids live with […]

Everyone’s favorite, low-key controversial but uber talented artist is already making history in the decade! That’s right, the year 2020 is just getting started and my girl Lizzo is making major moves out the gate! Disregard her recent announcement of a Twitter break, thanks to the trolls and her not so tasteful outfit choice for […]

The 614

  Life comes at you fast; leaving many people finding themselves in tough situations questioning how exactly they even got there. This was all too true for Columbus local, Shaunea Butler. But this year she received something priceless, a Christmas miracle! Butler currently works for Amazon Prime, delivering joy around the city. “Yeah, [I’m] kind […]


A Columbus woman is being held on arson charges after she tried to light someone on fire! Ruby Lanelle Gowdy was arrested for the incident and is being charged with attempted aggravated arson. According to police reports, Columbus Police and fire responded to a home on Manchester Avenue in the Linden area Saturday afternoon. Responding […]


  A Columbus mother was shocked and horrified when she woke up and found another woman inside her home, getting ready to give her 2-year-old son a bath. “I’ve never heard of anything like this,” Areica Hill said. Hill told NBC4 that she awoke Wednesday morning to the sound of a dog barking in her […]


An American woman is in custody in the Philippines after she allegedly tried to fly out of the country with a six-day-old baby in her carry-on luggage. According to NBC News, Jennifer Erin Talbot, was attempting to board a US bound Delta flight to Detroit when the discovery was made. She was ultimately bound for […]


A 79-year-old Ohio woman is sentenced to jail time for feeding stray cats! The irony is she resides in a town with the same name as a famous fictional cat, but the story has a few more details than you may believe. Nancy Segula of Garfield Heights, Ohio says that the animals started showing up […]


Now back in the day before my kids and when I had no sense , this was the norm lol especially in college. But back then restaurants were set up different your chances of getting out of a bill by dashing was about 70 % now it’s about 35% and the penalty is a lot […]


One quick way to get under the skin of minorities, is to take claim to products, services, and cultural movements that we created! Now, it’s a known fact that black women have been wearing hair wraps, scarves, caps, and/or bonnets to protect our hair for CENTURIES! So much so, we were even forced by law […]