After delivering a powerful speech at the Golden Globes more talk of Oprah running for the most powerful office in the world has started back up. Just about everyone in Hollywood hopes that O goes after the most powerful office in the country. The only person that doesn’t want this to happen is ………Oprah!!! She […]

# bigbinkshow – In a recent meeting between the Pope and the President, The Pope gave Donald Trump an Olive Tree that stands for Peace.  The president gave the Pope books by Martin Luther King.  Are gifts equal?  What are your thoughts?

  #bigbinkshow Last night the #bigbinkshow was on hand to watch History as Stephen Curry from the Golden State Warriors grabbed his second straight unanimous NBA MVP trophy which made history!!  

Anyone who knows our family knows we are extremely low maintenance, no fuss, and very relaxed. You walk into our home, and there are toys scattered everywhere. It’s perfectly disorganized, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. My husband and I are, after all, two young parents in our twenties with a 2-year-old daughter, […]

Ted Williams has been the talk of the town this year and we know that sooner or later there will be a movie about the “Man With The Golden Voice”. Well we think we may have the exclusive trailer. Well Power 107.5 in Columbus, OH, the same station that helped discover Ted Williams has found […]

The Ted Williams story has become a media hit and everyone is getting in on the hype of the man with the “golden voice”. And now you can too with this new site. is the latest installment in the online frenzy of Ted Williams sites, fan sites, and web portals dedicated to the homeless […]

Despite all of the hype around Ted Williams, The NY native who moved to Columbus and became a homeless man with an extraordinary gift, his life was in despair only a couple of days ago. Ted Williams gave Radio One Columbus exclusive access into his makeshift tent and just how poverty stricken his life was. […]

During an exclusive interview with Radio One Columbus, Homeless man turned overnight celebrity Ted Williams aka Man with the “Golden Voice” for radio, hinted to signing a deal with the Cleveland Cavaliers as an announcer. But did the Cavs owners offer up LeBron’s old house as incentive? Check out the video for yourself. RELATED: Ted […]

You have to watch this video!!! Meet Ted, a man from NY who wants to make it big in the entertainment industry. This video was hilarious (minus the fact that he is homeless but we’re sure with a voice like this he won’t be). At first we couldn’t believe this was him. What made it […]