The NFL announced Monday that the league will still hold its annual NFL Draft in April in Las Vegas despite worldwide concerns surrounding the coronavirus. While the NFL will still hod the prestigious event, there will however not be any fans in attendance in Las Vegas. The draft, which was was supposed to be a […]

The 614

They say that it was the best celebration in the entire NHL in the entire history of the NHL, The night that our Blue Jackets shook up the world and handed the  Tampa Bay Lighting the NHL version of the Golden State Warriors a convincing butt whopping in the 1st round. Something that hasn’t happened […]

#bigbinkshow  –   This was all over Facebook this past weekend.  A store employee decided that he was going to play Cop and try to detain a customer until the authorities arrived.  The store employee was an older white man and the victim was a young black woman.  Look at the video and you tell […]

#bigbinkshow   Man you can’t even got to the store without somebody acting crazy.  This dude actually walked up to a mom who wasn’t freaking paying attention to her child that was in the cart and tried to abduct her, in front of everybody…Look at this video and let me know your thoughts…#smh  


Drake - Hold On (We're Going Home)