Third time must be the charm seeing as the new Mega Millions jackpot has surpassed $1 billion. This is the 3rd time in its history that this jackpot has reached such an incredible number. This Mega Millions jackpot has been brewing for months now, starting April 19th, after the last winner claimed their prize April […]


  Sometimes you never know where your good fortune can come from. It usually comes about when you least expect it and need it the most. That’s got to be how a local Missouri bartender is feeling after hitting the lottery jackpot for $50,000—and it’s all thanks to a bar patron. Taylor Russey, works at […]


The one thing everybody in world has in common is that they all would LOVE to win the lottery, that’s just #facts and anyone that tells you different is a liar liar pants on fire lol. The only bad thing about winning the lotto is the TAXES you can’t escape them, and what’s crazy its […]

The 614

You talking about life changing what’s the 1st thing you would do???? Me I would pay bills and then hide lol because my family and friends would grow over night lol the person who wins this will truly be blessed because the cash out option is over 200 million. What would you do if you […]

Tomorrow night’s Powerball jackpot is going to be 325 million dollars.  That is within reach of the all-time record of 365 million, set nearly seven years ago.  One winning ticket could be worth 10.8 million a year for 30 years.  Or the winner could take the cash option of 213 million, before taxes. Follow me […]