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Sometimes you never know where your good fortune can come from. It usually comes about when you least expect it and need it the most. That’s got to be how a local Missouri bartender is feeling after hitting the lottery jackpot for $50,000—and it’s all thanks to a bar patron.

Much to her surprise, she found herself on the receiving end of a winning lottery ticket thanks to the generous customer — even though she actually didn’t realize it initially.

Russey says she was completely shocked to learn that someone who bought the ticket won and wasn’t speaking up…until she realized that someone was her. Upon realizing her good fortune, she scanned it and matched four of the five white-ball numbers drawn on October 19th, plus the Powerball, giving her a total of $50,000 in lottery winnings.

Speaking about the customer’s generosity, Russey stated:

“One of the regulars will buy the rest of the regulars in the bar lottery tickets every now and then, especially when it’s high. And he did that on Saturday — he bought us all lottery tickets. [Later] I was like, ‘Guys, who won all this money and didn’t tell anybody?’”

As of right now, Russey didn’t elaborate on if she plans to share any of her winnings with the customer, she’ll find more good karma if she gave him something for such an amazing act of kindness.

Source: The Shade Room