Sometimes you never know where your good fortune can come from. It usually comes about when you least expect it and need it the most. That’s got to be how a local Missouri bartender is feeling after hitting the lottery jackpot for $50,000—and it’s all thanks to a bar patron. Taylor Russey, works at […]

Talk about bringing the whole city out… Kanye has already put us on notice that he will make a run to be the most powerful man in the world if he run for president. And with turnouts like this some people should be kinda worried because if you can get 50k to show up to […]


Derrick Rose has had his ups and downs in his career physically and mentally since he won the MVP in 2012, but he proved if given the chance he could still put in that work. Check out his speech after the game and the game highlights  

#bigbinkshow – 50 Cent got the TV’ s rocking with  the “Power Series” and everyone wants to know what he thought about the new Jay Z Album – Here is what he said here:

#bigbinkshow – Yo The Premiere for Power kicks off later this month but it looks like one of the main characters will be taking it easy because she has other things that need attention.  Congrats to “TASHA” from Power on the new Bundle of Joy! #isshepregnantinthenewseason #howmanymonths #newseasonofpower625 #bigbinkshow  

#bigbinkshow – Everybody was expecting to see 50 Cent on the Chris Brown Tour which kicked off in Baltimore over the weekend but he did not show up.  According to reports, 50 Cent and the promoter for the show did not have a deal with the Tour but they continued to promote him in the […]

All this time 50 never dropped a greatest hits album? Who wouldn’t mind reminiscing listening to “In Da Club,” or “Windowshopper,” I wouldn’t mind! “Scheduled for release on March 31, Best of 50 Cent is set to arrive 14 years after Fif’s major label debut, Get Rich or Die Tryin’, which is widely touted as one of the […]

Guess which one of your favorite rappers has an ex that is about to lose their home and it doesn’t look like they plan to lend a hand! If you guessed 50 Cent, then you are right!  His ex and mother of his son, Shaniqua Thompkins home is in foreclosure and instead of helping, he […]

Did you catch Power last night?  Well if you did, then you caught 50 Cent and the debut his little friend. Well maybe not so little. Via AV Club 50 Cent has a fraught and complicated relationship with his dick, a frequent collaborator with whom he’s made some of his most successful songs, but over […]

#bigbinkshow Why are people going crazy over 50 Cent in this video?  You tell me….

50 Cent makes a huge gesture by donating money to charity while being accused of bullying a man with Autism. Since the video that 50 Cent posted has gone viral of him poking fun at someone he mistaken as being drunk that actually has autism, 50 Cent has made a donation towards the cause. via […]

50 Cent visited Cincinnati for the promotion of his new Vodka as well as a show and got himself in some possible legal trouble. Looks like 50 Cent made a wrong accusation of a man during an encounter at the Cincinnati/Northern KY airport.  Now, the man and his party are looking to take 50 Cent […]