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50 Cent Celebrates His Birthday At The Pool After Dark At Harrah's Resort

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Did you catch Power last night?  Well if you did, then you caught 50 Cent and the debut his little friend. Well maybe not so little.

Via AV Club

50 Cent has a fraught and complicated relationship with his dick, a frequent collaborator with whom he’s made some of his most successful songs, but over whom he demands an almost abusive amount of creative control. That uneasy dynamic has led to some confusing moments for those of us outside it—such as when Fifty prescribed his four-step process to stop jerking off, seemingly signaling that their partnership was strictly business from now on, only to later blame his infamously errant first pitch at a 2014 Mets game on “excessive masturbation.” And now he’s mad that his d*** made an unauthorized cameo on the most recent Power, even though he previously gave it his blessing. So many mixed signals and embarrassingly public love-hate catfights; jeez, will 50 Cent and his dick get a room already?

The trouble began during Saturday’s episode of the Starz drama, in which 50 Cent’s character, Kanan, proves to his cousin Jukebox that the debilitating burns he sustained from Ghost shouldn’t disqualify him from their upcoming heist by engaging in mutual masturbation with Candie and—but hey, why are we wasting your time recounting this? This is the Starz drama Power; we’re obviously all up to speed. But while you were so caught up in the double-life intrigue of balancing drug dealing and nightclub management, you might have missed the tip of 50 Cent’s dick, which was briefly visible—if shrouded in shadow—in the scene where Fifty ruins his baseball chances forever.

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