The 614

  Tensions have flared in Downtown Columbus over the last few days in response to the murder of George Floyd. Locals have come together to express their frustrations surrounding police brutality. While some protests remain peaceful, others unfortunately escalate out of control. This has caused the Columbus Police Department to announce a state of emergency […]

The 614

Many Ohioans cast their absentee ballots for the 2020 Ohio Primary Election. With many state representative seats, local races, and Democratic Presidental election on the ballot, it was a lot for us to vote for. The big battle for the Democratic race for president was won by Joe Biden. Biden beat Bernie Sanders by winning […]

Big Bink's Blog

Fantasia married her boo Kendall after only 3 weeks of dating! Congrats!? Congresswoman Joyce Beatty Threw some shade at Mrs. Trump. Check out the video below: Justin Bieber was offered $5 million to perform at the RNC…find out who talk him out of it here

Nia Noelle

Melania Trump and congresswoman D-Ohio Joyce Beatty both wore the same dress to the RNC and the DNC. But we want to know who wore it better?