Rodney King on Trayvon Martin Thank God My Attack Was Caught on Tape

Mary J Blige’s Burger King commercial has a lot of people enraged and screaming coonery but is it that serious? Burger King has released a series of commercials aimed at promoting their new menu items. For this campaign they have hired some of the worlds biggest names such as Selma Hyack, David Beckham, and more. […]

Bishop Eddie Long is apologizing after he was crowned king last week by a visiting rabbi who presented the head of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church with a Torah. He claimed he was hundreds of years old and had survived the Holocaust.  Long  told a TV station the ceremony wasn’t his idea and it was […]

In the early 1970s, four men from London formed one of the greatest rock bands ever, Queen.  A few decades later, three women in Los Angeles formed a group called King, and they just might be the next big thing in soul music.