These days it is more important than ever to instill values, ideas and opportunities within our youth. Many jobs and trades are dying out, not only because of technological advancements but also to the simple lack of interest. This unfortunately doesn’t eliminate the need to fulfill certain jobs and/or careers, I mean there are […]


When will rappers, athletes actually entertainers period learn that someone is always watching especially when your in the lime light or a public figure there is always a camera around to catch you and here’s a question is this snitching??

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#bigbinkshow – This young lady is 81 years old!!!!  She has definitely took aging to the next level!  You know what they say, Black Don’t Crack!!!  

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#bigbinkshow – When will it end?  Another shooting at a school that leaves innocent people killed….We have to come up with a plan to get the guns out of irresponsible people’s hands.

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#bigbinkshow – This ain’t got nothing to do with no tree or getting out of the way of the sun.  The Hood has spoken!   Throwing “Shade” has now become a part of the Dictionary.  So now you can direct people if they don’t know why people are throwing shade on them!   Shade – acting […]

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You might not know it from the recent spree of Instagram photos showing him and Rihanna exchanging pricey gifts, sharing hugs and catching cat naps, or from his profane Twitter feud with a female comedian last weekend, but Chris Brown says he’s trying to keep his love life private and his Twitter voice quiet lately. In excerpts […]

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VIA THE CHOSEN CHICK See, another one of those megachurch pastor/pimps has swindled the minds, souls and money of the weak Christians. That is what the media will lead some to believe when reading all the juicy details from the lawsuit brought against Bishop Eddie Long of 25,000-member New Birth Missionary Church outside of Atlanta. […]