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    Last night the NBA was on high alert as the finals were 3-1 and the Toronto Raptors had the chance to win the NBA title by defeating the reigning champion The Golden State Warriors. The Warriors who for the 1st time in the finals were facing elimination and with a championship hanging in […]

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After being down 22 points in the second half the Bucks showed some fight and grit and fought their way back into a game many thought was over including myself, I stopped watching the game and turned the TV when my Buckeyes went down by 22. I was just upset we weren’t making shots or […]

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This ain’t the Bow Wow challenge but it sure looks like so type of Tom foolery going on lol online reports are saying that Bow’s girlfriend his dumping him is now dating Young MA. What’s crazy is that the pair will be featured on the upcoming season of Growing Up Hip Hop so we will […]

The 614

Last year the Cleveland Browns lost each and every game and in the past two years they’ve only won 1!!! This year the Browns drafted the Heisman winner Baker Mayfield …..they’ve drafted QB’s before and the Browns have gone thru 29 QB’s in the past 12 yrs!!! Well once again this year is supposed to […]

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The new album will be coming to you mobile device right after the finals.  It looks like Lebron isn’t over the game from last night, so he is going to practice his bars!

Big Bink's Blog

This Grandpa Dude totally lost it during the game yesterday.  This is the true meaning of DIE HARD FAN!!!!  Check it out the video BELOW   Did he go to far?

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Beyonce shares her new song with us.  Check it out to see if you’re feeling it or nah?

The word from a close source says that Lebron has a huge announcement coming soon and it might mean he’s leaving Cleveland.

  ‘The Voice’ is becoming one of the most exciting shows to watch on reality TV.  Mostly because it pays homage to what really matters in a singers career….their voice!  Today’s music scene is filled with wannabe models and playboys who all have swag, style, and the looks but some fall short on the actual vocal […]

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Thursday Morning, I made good on my Superbowl bet with producer Tessa. The bet was that I had to put on a dress if the Patriots lost; as you can see, they were unsuccessful in winning the big game!!! Damn, Tom Brady… RELATED: The Sexy Fiat Commercial Decoded RELATED: M.I.A Middle Finger Upstages Madonna At […]


What’s next, that’s all I heard last night in a packed house full of Cavaliers fans, LeBron fans, and Cavalier haters, what’s next? As I sat there and watched a debacle of a game, as the Boston Celtics proved that defense wins games, I tried not to think of what’s next. All I thought about […]

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Now I’ve kicked with Jazze Pha before back in the day. We promoted a concert with T.I., Jazze Pha, and Cee Lo. One thing that stuck out to me is that Jazze drank a lot of Red Bull. I mean 10 cans in a short period of time. I remember we all thought “he’s gonna […]