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What’s next, that’s all I heard last night in a packed house full of Cavaliers fans, LeBron fans, and Cavalier haters, what’s next? As I sat there and watched a debacle of a game, as the Boston Celtics proved that defense wins games, I tried not to think of what’s next. All I thought about was what was wrong. Easy fouls called against the Cavs and blatant fouls against the Celtics went unseen or ignored. I didn’t want to blame bad calling for the turnout of the game. I knew they were in Celtic land so it wasn’t going to be easy.

So what was the answer? LeBron had a triple double night so was it his fault? The team looked lost while the Celtics looked hungry and confident. Where was the #1 team in the league at because this wasn’t that team.

At the end of the day the Cavaliers lost by a few points, nothing ridiculous like in other series. Then it began to become a realization to me. What is next? The world watched as LeBron exited the ball court and began to take off his jersey. As he entered the locker room he threw the jersey to the trainers and that was it, fade to black.

Was this the last time we would see LeBron in a Cavs jersey? If you are on Twitter you probably noticed a few hundred “Cavs #23 jerseys on sale” type of comments. But who really knows? One thing for sure the whole world will be paying attention to find out what is the next move for the world’s number one basketball player. Will he even be number one still? Here are a couple of scenarios. One is very obvious, Jay-Z has been courting LeBron for the past 4 years and we all know Jay is part owner of the future Brooklyn Nets. Is that LeBron’s next move? What about Cleveland? Will Cleveland even be the same after losing it’s biggest asset? (we know the Browns aren’t the pride of tha Land at the moment but they are building up)

With that said, I’m going to leave the floor open to you, our loyal listeners and fans of Radio One. What do you think is next for LeBron? What do you think is next for Cleveland? One thing for sure, today….we mourn. Being from Akron I have always supported Cleveland teams and especially LeBron, but for some reason I’m starting to believe Cleveland may be cursed when it comes to major league sports. It’s just not fair to the fans.

Leave a comment and tell us what you think. Until then here are some haunting photos for Cleveland fans.