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Atlanta rap og, Ludacris, fell victim to car theft Monday. His Benz was stolen after he hopped out to use an ATM in Atlanta. Luda reported to police that he heard his car drive away while he used the ATM. He wasn’t able to get visual on the car thieves either. Authorities were able to […]

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The REAL fight in Vegas went down the day after Mayweather–Pacquiao — a huge melee at the Rehab pool party hosted by Ludacris. The video is absolute INSANITY — showing multiple brawls around the pool on Sunday at the Hard Rock Hotel — fists, chairs, bottles, ice buckets and more were hurled. Even before the fight broke […]

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Dang! More money, more problems for Ludacris!  Remember, at first he was ordered to pay only 10 thousand dollars to the mother of his new child, Tamika.  She was the woman that he had an affair with during his “break” with his fiance.

Trina passed through Kansas City, Missouri to promote her latest album, Amazin. The crowd couldn’t seem to get enough of the Diamond Princess as she ran through hits like “My Attitude,” Luda’s “My Chick Bad” remix and here raunchy duet with Killer Mike, “Look Back At Me.”