Nike will release its 2020 Black History Month Collection Wednesday. The shoe icon titled their collection ‘Watch Us Rise’ which highlights black men and women making a difference from all over the country–including LA, Chicago, and NYC. “We might look different. Our blackness might show itself both phenotypically
 and culturally in a wide myriad of ways, […]


  Hearing the words you have breast cancer is devastating to digest for any woman.  In hopes to offer some relief and a way to shake off some of the stress, a dance studio located in Delaware County is sharing the art of dance. Pamela Baragona is a dance instructor at Fred Astaire dance studio […]

Got Damnit Batman!! This is just crazy, that Mike smokes this much because if you break it all the way down this is how much he spends $480k per yr, $40k per month, $10k per week ,$1,400 per day and 285 per blunt if you smoke 5 a day!! WTF!! Full Story Here

The 614

I bet the people that took this car where like WTF did we get ourselves into when they jumped in a car that was running at the gas station after a woman had run in to pay for her gas leaving her 7 month old child in the car….can you say children services. But this […]

In the movie 25th hour actor Ed Norton takes you thru his last day of freedom before he turns himself in to serve his prison sentence and on this last day he finds out all the things that led up to him getting arrested and who should’ve trusted….. and so on #WatchTheMovie lol well this ain’t […]

As you know it is Breast Cancer Awareness month and catching Breast Cancer early is so important. Doing so can save your life. To bring awareness to early detection and Breast Cancer, DJ Dimepiece DJ’ed live as people hit it hard at Title Boxing Club in Grandview.  All day today, you can stop by to […]

Who runs the world, GIRLS! It’s March and did you know that March is Women’s Month?  Well DJ Dimepiece has started a NEW feature showcasing Power Girls RIGHT HERE in Columbus! Every week, you will be inspired from women that use their inner “Power” daily to conquer the world! Meet the first P.O.W., Patty Hanna […]

Looks like Chris is headed back to jail.  After appearing in court today, the judge ordered Breezy to a month in a jail.  Read more here.

“Anything you can do, I can do better” is what every girl has said when proving to the boys and the world that they too can make their dream come true.  Meet Lisa Leslie, Basketball Superstar, mother, wife and more today inside Black History Month!

  Today in Black History, we take it to the White House! Meet David Johns, The Obama Administration recently named Johns as the Executive Director of the White House Initative on Educational Excellence for African Americans!   via The Urban Daily David Johns Place of Residence: Washington, D.C. Why He’s a Game Changer: The Obama Administration recently […]